Hello and welcome to our inaugural blog post. Today, we’ll be talking about how Humanz came about, the vision behind our product and what makes it unique in the market.

Why the need for Humanz?

Social influencer marketing has become an incredibly popular term over the last few years but it is actually not a new thing. Ever since the advent of social media and media-recording smartphones, many marketers have attempted to work with independent content creators or online influencers with large followings. While many experienced success, with greater levels of brand awareness and engagement than through paid media channels, most struggled to fit this new approach into their existing planning process, accurately measure success, or scale it into an on-going program. As a result, whereas many marketers claim to treat influencer marketing as a key strategic task, most cannot engage with it beyond the tactical level.

The problems most commonly cited include:

  • Identifying micro-influencers – 80% of all potential influencers fly under the radar and are not signed up with agencies. Marketers have often had to rely on serendipity rather than science to find the right influencers.
  • Lack of audience-based planning – marketers typically select media channels based on audience data. This data is not readily available for influencers, unless you are already working with them (and they elect to share it with you).
  • Fraud – with limited tools for detection and growing budgets, incentives are high for influencers to buy followers and interactions. Whether they are bots or humans paid to click, they are not going to buy your products. Like paid ad-fraud, this will deter any marketer from investing in this channel.
  • Resource-intensive campaigns – management of influencer campaign typically requires dealing with multiple humans over many different channels (email, Twitter, Instagram) with a lot of repetitive, manual tasks. Influencer marketing has hence typically been both costly and exhausting.
  • Brand-safety – Many marketers have been burnt by influencers or content creators sharing incorrect information, or slandering their brand pre or post campaign. Manually reviewing an individual’s entire social media history and drafting complicated contracts is, again, a costly and exhausting exercise. 
  • No clear ROMI – with no standardised metrics or live reporting tools, marketers have been unable to understand the real impact of influencer marketing campaigns, compare them accurately with other channels, attribute conversions accurately to them, or adjust them while the campaign is still running.
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How was Humanz created?

In 2017, 5 young men from Tel-Aviv, fresh out of their time in the elite 8200 unit, realised that no one was addressing these issues properly. Most influencer marketing solutions on the market were simply marketplace or workflow tools with simplistic AI. None of them matched the technological depth, audience data accuracy ad reporting capabilities of paid digital channels. Their mission became finding ways to provide these to marketers and agencies, essentially turning organic channels into programmatic ones. Together, they built Humanz, an end-to-end data-driven influencer marketing solution, relying on image recognition, natural language programming and complex algorithms to help marketing and agencies to better plan, manage and report on their influencer marketing campaigns. 

How does Humanz work?

Well, there is a clue in the name; the technology replicates what a human eye and brain would. It looks at publicly available to data, images, text, emojis, etc… to make smart assumptions about the person behind a profile. Is this a middle-aged man? Does he have kids? Does he like to read and comment about finance, food and art? Humanz analyses over 1M profile per day in this way. 

Unlike other solutions on the market, marketers are hence not limited to viewing influencers that are signed up with Humanz, but can review every single profile in their market based on publicly available data. Furthermore, Humanz analyses not only influencer profiles but every single follower as well, allowing marketers to review influencers based on their actual audience profile, rather than an assumed one. This also allows Humanz to easily detect bots, inactive and fraudulent accounts instantly, without relying on proxi data or value judgements. 

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Beyond providing the most accurate data on the market, the Humanz platform also makes marketers’ and agencies’ jobs easier, simplifying how they run campaigns, from briefing, reviewing content proposals from, communicate with, managing contracts, and paying influencers, significantly streamlining the workflow and reducing time and costs. The Humanz marketplace also allows businesses to publicly brief all influencers at large and receive proposals from them, a perfect feature for smaller businesses or large corporate with always-on influencer strategies.

We hope you found this blog post interesting. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below. Next week, we will be talking about emerging trends in influencer marketing and what brands and influencers should be paying attention to.