Frequently asked questions about the Humanz data and platform

This week, we thought we would tackle some of the most common questions we get asked about Humanz from both influencers and advertisers. You can add other question in the comments as well and we’ll either respond to it there or add it to the article.

Is Humanz free?

Humanz is what is called a ‘freemium’ platform, meaning that we offer some things free, while others require payment.

We don’t charge anything to influencers. You can access parts of your own data, participate in campaigns and get paid without payment.

Advertisers also have a free option where they can run public campaigns but we also charge a ‘transaction fee’ for all payments to influencers to cover our own bank, data and admin costs. Advertisers can also subscribe to a premium license for access to extra features and data or access these on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. You can watch a video that explains these premium features here.

How do I create a brief as an advertiser?

It’s actually really easy and will only take you few minutes. You will need to enter a valid credit card before you can start though, even if you don’t intend on paying money to influencers. We’ve created a video that takes you through the different steps. You can watch it here.

Who runs campaigns on Humanz?

Advertisers, marketers, agencies and, sometimes, the Humanz team directly. We offer a self-service platform that allows any customer to create and manage their own influencer marketing campaigns. You can always see who you are dealing with by looking at the logo at the top of the campaign.

My bid as an influencer has been selected. Now what do I do?

As an influencer, you will receive a notification if your bid has been selected by an advertiser. Make sure you re-read the brief in detail and then create the content as per the description and tasks assigned to you. Make sure you upload via the Humanz app and wait until you receive approval or feedback from the advertiser before you post it on your own social channel. Once you are done posting, click on the post settings, copy the link there and paste it in the Humanz app. If it’s a story post, take a screenshot after 24 hours, making sure the viewcount is visible and upload it. Once all of this is done, so are you!

When do I get paid?

All of the advertisers on Humanz have different payment terms. Some advertisers are agencies and need to be paid by their client before they can pay influencers. We’ll be adding a feature very soon that shows payment terms of the advertiser next to the fee or bid amount so that you can decide prior to accepting a job or not.

I have many suspicious followers but I never bought any! Why?

Everyone has fake followers, whether you like it or not. Sometimes, a bot will follow you because you use a specific hashtag. You can download the report we’ve recently released with benchmarks for fake followers to see how your account fares compared to other accounts of a similar size.

Why is your technology different and why does everyone keep raving on about it?

OK, brace yourselves it gets a little technical. Nearly all influencer marketing platforms rely purely on API data, meaning data that the different social networks provide to them. There are a couple of issues with this, namely that the API may change, the networks may decide to stop sharing specific data, and at times may have incentives not to share specific data (e.g. fake or inactive followers).

We’ve built our own big data software and algorithms to interpret all publicly available data, meaning we don’t need to rely on API’s.

On top of that, we analyse not only influencer profiles but all of their followers’ profiles too. This means that we can identify fake and inactive followers extremely accurately, without having to rely on other proxi data, and understand follower overlap between multiple influencers.

What are “Humanz Impressions” and how does the ‘Humanz score’ work?

Humanz impressions is a fairly complex calculation and it is different for each platform but, in essence, it represents the average number of people likely to see a post from that specific influencer. We remove bots, inactive followers and people who follow too many accounts from the calculation and also take into account the social network’s own algorithm. 

The Humanz score is calculated based on impressions and engagement rates, compared to influencers of a similar audience size in the same market. Some even say it’s the ultimate metric for audience and content quality.