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What makes Humanz unique

At the heart of Humanz is a simple insight: identifying influencers is easy and intuitive for actual humans. You simply need to look at people’s profile bio, their pictures and posts to figure out who they are and what they care about. Our unique technology mimics human behaviour and insights, using both natural language and image recognition to analyse and classify millions of profiles each day. Our campaign management tool then make it quick and easy for our customers to leverage these insights to select, contact and collaborate with mega and micro influencers.

Audience-based targeting

Identify the best influencers to reach and engage your target market, and build your campaign list.

“Humanz audience analysis technology has been a game changer for us. Having access to deep data about the influencers' real followers across all social accounts, paired with Humanz fraud detection mechanism, has allowed us to massively increase our clients' ROI and significantly improve brand safety"
Maor Chen
CEO @McCann Digital Tel-Aviv

Campaign Manager

Create your own KPI's

Create detailed influencer briefs with KPI’s, mood boards and brand do’s and don’ts.

Manage influencer lists

Review your influencer list’s unduplicated reach & fit to your target audience, as well expected impressions, engagements, conversions & budget.

Approach and communicate with influencers via a single platform.

Create detailed influencer briefs with KPI’s, mood boards and brand do’s and don’ts. Review and approve influencer ideas and executions.

Analytics and ROI tracking

Track the success of your influencer campaigns in real-time, at campaign or influencer-level.

ROI funnel

Review impressions, engagement and conversions in real-time, and against benchmarks.

NEW! Market-fit filter

Review the performance of your campaign looking solely at audience members which fit your target market.

Look-alike influencers

Review new influencer recommendations to increase the reach of your existing campaign with look-alike audiences.

Ready, Set, GO!

Setting up the platform takes less than 5 minutes. Increase your marketing ROI through influencer marketing starting today.


Download the Humanz app today to review your Humanz score, add additional information to your profile, find out which brands are currently running campaigns and start earning money.

Who runs campaigns on Humanz?

Advertisers, agencies and sometimes some of our staff members at Humanz. You can normally see who you are dealing with by looking at the icon and name next to the profile picture at the top left of a campaign. The person you will be chatting with is also typically from that business.

What is my Humanz score?

Humanz is an app that analyses not only your social profile but also every single one of your followers, looking at demographics, interests and behaviour. Your Humanz score, out of 100, reflects the quality of your followers: including fake, inactive and ‘too active’ ones. Advertiser typically look at 3 things: your total number of followers, your engagement rate and your Humanz score. Work to improve all 3 to increase your attractiveness to advertisers.

I have many suspicious followers but I never bought any! Why?

Everyone has fake followers, whether you like it or not. Sometimes, a bot will follow you because you use a specific hashtag. You can look at our report that shows benchmarks for fake followers to see how your account fares compared to other accounts of a similar size.

How do I know if a campaign is a paid campaign or a free product campaign?

Next to each campaign are two amounts. The first one with the “gift” icon is the value of the free product that will be given to the influencer, if any. The second amount, with the two “head” icons, is the maximum bid recommended by the advertiser.

How do I bid on a campaign?

In the app, if you find a campaign you would like to be part of, click on the “bid” button. Some campaigns are paid, and you can then suggest a price for the advertiser to review, while others are free product campaigns. Most campaigns have a minimum amount of followers so you will need to meet that criteria to be able to bid.

My bid has been selected. Now what do I do?

You will receive a notification if your bid has been selected by the advertiser. Make sure you re-read the brief in detail and then create the content as per the description and tasks assigned to you. Make sure you upload via the Humanz app and wait until you receive approval or feedback from the advertiser before you post it on your own social channel. Once you are done posting, click on the post settings, copy the link there and paste it in the Humanz app. Once all of this is done, so are you!

I am adding the post link in the app but I’m getting an error message.

Make sure you copy the post link from inside your Twitter or Instagram app. In Instagram, click on the 3 dots near the top and click ‘copy link’. In Twitter, click on the ‘Up’ arrow at the bottom of your post, click ‘Share Tweet by’ and finally ‘Copy link’.

When do I get paid?

All of the advertisers on Humanz have different payment terms. Some advertisers are agencies and need to be paid by their client before they can pay influencers. We’ll be adding a feature very soon that shows payment terms of the advertiser next to the fee or bid amount so that you can decide prior to accepting a job or not.

I received a private brief invite via a DM. How can I see it?

Advertisers on Humanz can decide to create either private or public briefs. Public briefs are available to everyone for bidding, while private briefs are by invitation only. While you need to be registered on Humanz to see public briefs, you may receive a private brief as a DM on one of your social platforms even if you are not yet registered. Just download the app and sign-in with the relevant accounts to see the brief.

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