For Creators: Get ready to Connect like never before!

Welcome to Humanz Connect

We’ve just released a little pet project that we’ve been working on for last few months: an idea that YOU came up and an exciting way to connect with other content creators.
So what is Humanz Connect? Well, think Tinder, but for collabs, and without the eww…  It’s live right now with the latest Humanz app update, so get ready to meet your creative matches!

How do I sign up?

If you have more than 1000 followers, you’re immediately eligible to join Humanz Connect. If you haven’t yet connected your Instagram, you can do so by clicking the Human icon at the bottom right of your screen and logging in to your IG.
 To ensure we match you with the kind of content creators you’re interested in, select the interest categories, audience size and locations you are interested in exploring – you can even connect with content creators in different areas of the world while you’re touring there!

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How do I get started?

It’s as easy as a swipe left to skip the influencer or a swipe right to let them know you’re keen to collab. Some of us are pretty familiar with this action already… Hmmm..
You’ll get 5 new recommendations every 12 hours so check back in once or twice a day while our AI tries to match you best to other creators based on what you said you were interested in.

I don’t want others to find me on Humanz Connect

If you’d like to hold off on connecting with your fellow content creators, you can easily switch off Humanz Connect in your settings. While others won’t be able to find you, you also won’t be able to find others.

As always, we’re super excited to hear your thoughts on the latest addition to everyone’s favourite app so get in touch and let us know. Happy swiping!
Love from Team Humanz