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For Creators: Get ready to Connect like never before!

Welcome to Humanz Connect We’ve just released a little pet project that we’ve been working on for last few months: an idea that YOU came up and an exciting way to connect with other content creators.  So what is Humanz … Read More

For Advertisers: Humanz August Update Round 2

August has been a busy one for the Humanz team and we’re back with yet another small batch of updates to the platform, three to be exact: influencer segmentations, brand safety and campaign management tools. Check out the new updates … Read More

Australia 2019 Instagram influencer marketing benchmarks

We’re gearing up for our launch in Australia, and as we normally do, we’re releasing some key influencer marketing benchmarks to everyone. Completely free with no obligations. All this data is collected and analysed using the Humanz platform and algorithms, … Read More

How to win with Humanz | Influencer edition​

How to win with Humanz | Influencer edition Running your first campaign on Humanz can appear daunting but we’ve got you! Here is a handy guide to make sure you feel equipped to bid, submit content, post and earn via … Read More

July 2019 features update

There is a big new release coming to Humanz in July and it reads a little like the “best-of” of some of our more requested client features. Get the 411 below and drop us a line if you’d like a private demo or access to beta test some of these new features with us before the official release in the latter part of July. … Read More

Frequently asked questions about the Humanz data and platform

This week, we thought we would tackle some of the most common questions we get asked about Humanz from both influencers and advertisers. You can add other question in the comments as well and we’ll either respond to it there … Read More

Introducing Influencer marketing for ALL – Data-driven campaigns that fit any budget

Hello everyone. This is a big update, one that many customers and community members have been requesting. We are making the Humanz marketplace available for free to anyone that registers on the Humanz platform. Now anyone, regardless of how big … Read More

The state of influencer marketing in South Africa 2019

Hello and welcome to our inaugural influencer marketing statistics & benchmarks report for South Africa (2019).. If you intend to download this report, it most likely means that you are interested in understanding more about influencer marketing, whether you are … Read More


Hello and welcome to our inaugural blog post. Today, we’ll be talking about how Humanz came about, the vision behind our product and what makes it unique in the market. Why the need for Humanz? Social influencer marketing has become … Read More