For Advertisers: August 2019 Update

This month we welcome another minor update to Humanz. These changes have been made as a result of feedback from some of our best customers and we hope that while small, they will still make a big impact on improving your experience with the platform. This blog post will take you through all of the main points for the updates and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

The first update is a tiny one but makes our filters for finding influencers based on their content even easier. We now have three tabs to narrow down the requirements: Profile, Audience, and Content.  

The next set of updates have absolutely blown us away, we LOVE the latest features and we know you will too. In order to make the content approval process as simple as possible for both advertisers and influencers, we now have the ability to chat with influencers directly through the content approval window.

Your first hint with regards to this update is the new button on the campaign manager, which no longer says “Contents” and has been updated to “Chat & Contents” where you are now able to view the number of tasks uploaded for approval as well as seeing the message icon if the influencer has sent you something via chat.

Once you click on the Chat & Contents button, the new and improved content approval menu will open up. 

  • On the top left, you can open a menu and navigate between the influencers in the campaign, allowing you to approve content for all influencers from the same menu. 
  • Below the menu icon, you can see the tasks progress and the content that the influencer has uploaded for approval. 
  • On the right hand side your chat inbox for the influencer is accessible. 

  • The new menu allows you to send replies to influencers regarding specific images that they have sent for approval. They will then receive the image with it’s response directly in the chat.
  • If you click on an image in the chat section, it will jump straight to the task linked to that content. 

  • Under the new History tab you will be able to view all of the previous tasks uploaded by the influencer which were not approved

  • You are now able to filter all tasks for each influencer by their status: All,Waiting Approval, Approved, Not Approved, Waiting Influencer
  • Each task in a tab will have task type icon as well as the task number in the title

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new updates or anything else, please get in touch with us on Twitter or Instagram, we’d love to hear from you. 

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