For creators: Content Creation Guidelines for Humanz Campaigns

Being a content creator is easy, but being a great content creator isn’t. It takes hard work and creativity to put together content that will both capture the interest of your audience as well help to build your own successful personal brand. 
We’re here to give you some guidelines that will help you to put together the best possible content. These “rules” are there to serve as a starting point and you still need to work within the task instructions for each campaign.

1 – Make sure the product is the star of the show

We already love your face (that’s why you’re doing a campaign😉) but it’s the brands time to shine, so make sure it’s visible and well displayed

2 – Take more photos or videos than you think you’ll need

A variety of angles, backgrounds and lighting will mean you have a bank of content to choose from and you likely won’t have to shoot again. You’ll be able to upload a selection of content for approval and the brand will be able to select their favourites

3 – Videos are awesome!

Especially for IG stories, you can share the necessary info without too much text on your screen

4 – Engagement is always a winner

Craft your captions to ask a question or prompt a response from your followers

5 – Bring as much of your personal brand to the table as possible

You were chosen for a reason and your followers want to hear from you, the real human beings

6 – Include the required influencer hashtags

Make sure you include one of the required #ad, #sponsored or #advertisement to all your posts. This protects both yourself and the brand and is now required by the ARB.

Have a look at these examples which clearly indicate unapproved content vs approved content:

This is a pretty boring caption that wouldn’t make anyone excited 😣👎

Get this great deal on Tuesday, bring a friend and get 2 for 1 burgers @vegancafe22 #veganburgermaster #sponsored

This shows authenticity, personality and gets people talking 😊👌

Everyone’s been doing the healthy eating things and I’ve been inspired to join in. The @VeganCafe22 is having a special on their burgers on Tuesday and I’m gonna go see if it beats my current fave, my homemade chickpea and lentil burger! It’s 2 for 1 YAY! Who’s going with me? 🍔🥗🍔 I am the #veganburgermaster #sponsored 

The image is much too dark 😣👎

The product is well displayed 😊👌

If you have any questions about content creation for your campaign, you can always touch base with the campaign manager through the chat function in the app, and they will be able to guide you with regards to specific requirements for each campaign. If you have any other questions about the Humanz platform, please get in touch with us on Twitter or Instagram

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