For Advertisers: Setting up a Campaign on Humanz

In today’s blog we’ll be going through the step-by-step process of setting up a campaign on the Humanz platform. If you’d like more info on how to add influencers to the campaign through invite or bids, click here. If you’d like to know more about managing your campaign via the platform, click here.

Starting off is pretty self explanatory. Fill in a name for your campaign, this will be the name visible to influencers, so make it an inviting one. Brand name and logo can be added – click the arrow to add an image.

For the campaign description, avoid any flowery language and unnecessary info – the influencers don’t need to be sold the brand. Keep it short and to the point while providing a complete overview of the campaign and what is expected of the influencers – they need to know what is required before they bid or accept an invite. 

Click on the arrow to add in your own mood board images. This will be visible to influencers and is extremely helpful when it comes to conveying the kind of content you’re looking for.

Do you want to track clicks for your campaign? If so, this is the place to set it up. Customise your short link with the name of the brand or campaign and paste the actual URL below. Humanz then will automatically generate links for each of the influencers in your campaign, allowing you to track their clicks individually.  

Use these sliders to determine the ratio of influencers you’d like to include in each segment. This is purely for your own use and not a necessity when setting up a campaign. 

Select your target audience by ticking the relevant boxes. This data will be used to measure the quality impressions and quality engagement in your final report, showing you the number of impressions and engagements on the campaign within this target audience. 

Choose the South African Rand as your currency and put in the total budget for influencers. Please ensure you put in the correct payment terms as influencers need to be aware of when to expect payment. 

Allowing bids on your campaign means that it will be placed onto the Humanz marketplace and influencers who fit the criteria will be able to put themselves forward for selection by bidding on the campaign. If you are running a campaign with invited influencers only, switch off this option to keep it private. 

If you would like to include influencers with a minimum number of followers, indicate the number and your suggested maximum bid for that number of followers. You can add multiple limits, these help guide influencers on the amount they should bid to be considered for the campaign. 

If your campaign includes a product or gift for the influencers, switch the slider at the top of the page to open the settings below. Add in all necessary information regarding the product.

Click the Campaign start date and use the calendar to choose your preferred dates. 

To set campaign tasks, click the plus button and select the type of task – Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Twitter Post or YouTube Video. Add in all the required hashtags and handles to be included in the post. Click on upload day to select the date that this post needs to go live on social media.

I’ve learned that it makes life easier if you start with one task, add all handles/hashtags and then click the duplicate button right at the end. You can’t copy paste those so this saves time 😉

For the task description, be as clear as possible about what you expect from the influencer content. If they are required to mention certain information or include particular shots in their content, let them know. 

This section needs to cover all the non-negotiable’s for your campaign, as well as any instructions you might think are common sense 😜 Eg:


– Always submit content for approval on the Humanz app before posting live

– Let us know if you’ve worked with a competing brand


– Use explicit language

– Remove your content from your profile/make your profile private

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