How to win with Humanz | Influencer edition​

How to win with Humanz | Influencer edition

Running your first campaign on Humanz can appear daunting but we’ve got you! Here is a handy guide to make sure you feel equipped to bid, submit content, post and earn via the Humanz app. 

Just watch the video at the bottom of this article or follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-rated brand influencer in no time.

You can also check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 1 – Sign up and link your social media profiles 📱🔗

• Download the Humanz app and create a profile

• Link any/all of your social media platforms that you’d like to use for campaigns

• Check out your personal influencer profile. Visit our recent blog post to learn more about your Humanz score and other stats.

Step 2 – Place your bid or accept a campaign invite ☝🙌

• Check out all the public campaign offers in your feed, find the ones that best fit your personal brand and place your bid – eg we suggest you don’t do a vellies giveaway if you’re working on a vegan brand at the same time 😉

• Advertisers will review your bid and select the influencers they would like to work with, your bid can be negotiated until both sides are happy with the amount. Some advertisers take a while to respond so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back a little while.

• Look out for private invites in your inbox (click the loudspeaker icon) – brands make use of the Humanz platform to find their ideal influencers, if you fit their brief they’ll reach out to you directly and you can accept or reject the offer

• Double check the tasks required, the dos and don’ts and the full brief before bidding or accepting an invite to make sure you know what the details and requirements are

• Keep your notifications on so that you are in the loop when you’ve been selected for a campaign. Your campaign manager will communicate with you through the chat function in the app. Don’t worry, you’ll never be spammed with unnecessary notifications, we just don’t want you missing out on important info!

Step 3 – Submit your content for approval 📷⬆

• Once you’ve been selected, you will need to make contact with your campaign manager via the app and let them know you’ve been selected and confirm that you’ve read all the campaign details, if you have any questions now is the time to ask 

• Create the content for each of the campaign tasks and upload it in the app for approval

• Read that last point again, this is a SUPER important step – please never load your content live on your social media platforms until it has been approved on the Humanz app

• It’s always a great idea to shoot more content than necessary. Each post you upload for approval needs to have multiple photos/videos, this gives the brand a selection to choose from and typically means you won’t be asked to reshoot content. Please read the Content Creation Community Rules for Humanz Campaigns before you submit your content for approval.

Step 4 – Post, link & profit 🖼🔗💵

• When your posts in the Humanz app have been approved, you’ll get a notification. Once you’ve received approval, post live on your social media profiles using the approved image/video and caption/text – make sure you only use content that has been approved by your campaign manager

• If there is a place to drive your followers to (eg you’re adding a link in your bio or a swipe up on your IG stories) make sure you use your unique Humanz link so we can track the many millions of clicks that come directly from your profile – some brands even reward the influencer with the most conversions, so don’t skip this one 🙂 

• Once you’ve posted live on your social media platforms, copy the post URL back into the Humanz app to complete the task

• If the tasks in the campaign include IG stories, you will not be able to link these yourself. Please wait until the 24 hours is up and the story is no longer visible, then send your campaign manager a screenshot of the story, showing the final view count

Step 5 – Make sure all your payment details are up to date 💰

• Once you have completed the campaign, make sure your correct payment details have been updated on the app – we don’t want your money to end up in anyone else’s pocket!

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