July 2019 features update

There is a big new release coming to Humanz in July and it reads a little like the “best-of” of some of our more requested client features. Get the 411 below and drop us a line if you’d like a private demo or access to beta test some of these new features with us before the official release in the latter part of July.

Brand scouting reports

Who is influencing a specific brand’s audience? What are they talking about? Which influencers actually like a brand? What are competitors up to? So many questions. Fear not, here come Humanz brand scouting reports. Once released, both free and premium customers will be able to subscribe to these monthly reports via Humanz for a small fee and track either their own brand or competitors. Premium customers can scout one brand each month for free.

Scouting reports show you top followers ordered by influencer category. They also show which new influencers follow a brand, and which influencers stopped following them. Premium subscribers can review that influencer’s full Humanz profile and audience data.

Beyond influencers, scouting reports also break down a brand’s new followers each month, highlighting demographic profiles, interests and new suspicious followers.

Scouting reports also highlight content opportunities by showcasing most popular words and hashtags used by a brand’s influencer audience. Related pieces of content are shown in context too. 

All opportunities are then further divided between content trends specific to the brand, and those that are not.

Brand ambassador tracking

When we first launched Humanz (months ago), influencer marketing was still seen as tactical and fairly transactional. With marketers now shifting to always-on strategies, we decided to release a new way to create and manage campaigns. 

Unlike other campaigns, brand ambassador campaigns last for a minimum of 3 months and do not feature specific tasks in the brief. Instead, advertisers can give content guidelines and a monthly impressions and engagement target to the influencer they choose to work with. 

The release will be done in 2 parts, with brand ambassador reports going live in July, and campaigns soon after.

Additional brand safety features

We debuted a few new advanced filters this month, allowing premium customers to find influencers through their bio-text, posts from specific locations, captions, hashtags or mentions, even displaying all related content. For interest categories, we are now also displaying local market benchmarks next to each influencer’s audience score. However, the existing UI could make it difficult to vet specific influencers against keywords or mentions. 

In the next release, we’ll allow subscribers to vet all influencers within a list against specific hashtags, mentions or keywords. Influencers with matches will be highlighted and the related content will be displayed. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to check for past competitor activity, or anything else your brand may be worried about. 

Let us know what you think

As always, we value your feedback. Drop us a line or leave a comment below to let us know how you feel about these new features and whether you’d like us to flag your account for early access.

With love,

The Humanz team

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