Introducing Influencer marketing for ALL – Data-driven campaigns that fit any budget

Hello everyone. This is a big update, one that many customers and community members have been requesting. We are making the Humanz marketplace available for free to anyone that registers on the Humanz platform. Now anyone, regardless of how big or small their budget is, can create influencer campaigns and still benefit of Humanz’ audience analysis, fraud detection, workflow management and ROI reports.

No monthly subscription fee

Join us

Enjoy all of our campaign management capabilities for free: approving influencers’ content, sending specific briefs or tasks, and working directly with all of our registered users – thousands of authentic nano, micro and macro influencers, all with verified data.

Review the influencers’ full profile and audience data before making your choice.

Including suspicious followers for each social platform.

Influencer campaigns without breaking a sweat

We’ve made working for all influencers a breeze. Briefs, reviews, approvals – you can manage it all directly from the Humanz interface, including full chat and payment support.

Is that Is t

What about results tracking?

You also get access to our live performance ROI report for each campaign – measuring unique reach, in total and against your specific audience, engagement and even conversions from your campaign.

So what are you waiting for?

Simple. Easy. Transparent. Now there are no more excuses not to give influencer marketing a try.

Join Humanz for free today:

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  1. Frequently asked questions about the Humanz data and platform – Humanz

    […] It’s actually really easy and will only take you few minutes. You will need to enter a valid credit card before you can start though, even if you don’t intend on paying money to influencers. We’ve created a video that takes you through the different steps. You can watch it here. […]

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