Finally, a data-driven, programmatic platform for social influencer identification, collaboration & ROI tracking

What We Do

Social data mining

We enrich brand and influencer audience profiles by analysing millions of followers individually each day, segmenting them according to demographics, location and interests.

Programmatic influencer campaigns

We provide advertisers with the tools they need to plan & track influencer campaigns like other digital media channels - estimating then measuring unique reach, pricing and expected conversions per channel, offering comparisons to benchmarks and eliminating fraud.



Influencer collaboration at scale

We streamline the influencer marketing workflow by allowing agencies & marketers to contact, brief, approve posts and pay influencers via a single dashboard, finally making micro-influencer collaborations at scale a possibility.


Humanz for


Plan and run influencer campaigns for your clients with little to no effort, unlocking new licensing and campaign revenues from a new media channel and new creative executions.


Assess the effectiveness of your current social & influencer marketing, identify your best influencer collaboration opportunities, and work directly with them to co-create content & campaigns, while ensuring brand safety.

Online retailers & services

Leverage the Humanz affiliate engine to promote online sales by tapping into influencers’ audiences with special offers and exclusives. Manage your budget & risk through cost-per-view, cost-per-engagement or cost-per-acquisition models.

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